10 Simple Tips to Improve Your Underwater Photos

Amateur Diver’s Advice for Newbies and Professionals Alike

Curious about how to get the most out of your underwater photos? This diver offers 10 great tips after a few months of taking underwater pictures in a variety of settings.  The easy to follow tips will help you take better quality pictures while maintaining your discipline under water.

photo: Scuba Diver Life

photo: Scuba Diver Life

excerpt from the article:

For the bulk of my 17 years as a diver, I didn’t pay much heed to underwater photography and in fact felt that it would detract from my love of being underwater — how wrong I was. My first “wow” moment came in Lembeh Strait when I signed up for a photography course and rented my first serious camera set-up. The potential to capture crisp, artistic shots of marine life, in the muck-diving capital of the world, was addictive. Now living St. Lucia, and with the same rig I used in Indonesia, I’ve taken every available opportunity to dive with my camera and practice. I’m by no means a professional photographer, but the lessons I’ve learned over the last few months will be useful to anyone looking to improve his or her underwater photography.

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