14 Signs You’re Obsessed with Diving

Ask any diver and s/he would tell you diving isn’t just a sport.

It’s their life. These dedicated divers aren’t just crazy about their passion when they’re underwater. It’s pretty evident they even when they’re out of it — from the clothes they wear to the food they eat.

Think you’re turning into a full-blown, dedicated diver? Here are signs you should watch out for, thanks to PADI blog.

1. You have dive flags on your shirts, shorts, car, and flip-flops.
2. You can carry on a complete conversation using only hands signals.
3. Your car always has a faint smell like neoprene.
4. You are hard of hearing because you have water in your ears.
5. When meeting a new person, you would rather know about the places you’ve been than where you work.
6. You don’t like unfilled blanks, especially if it’s in a logbook.
7. You have a tank rack in the back of your truck.
8. You have a family pet named Deco, Cayman, or Largo.
9. You take longer than everyone else to examine a seafood menu.
10. You can quote large sections of the movie Finding Nemo.
11. You have several uses for vinegar, besides cooking.
12. You have a Superman-like ability to change clothes quickly in small spaces.
13. You have a wallet dedicated to just certification cards.
14. Your watch is almost larger than your hand.

We can’t blame you. Diving truly is an exhilarating experience, anyone could fall in love with it almost instantly. Don’t worry. We’re just as hooked as you are!

image source: padi.com