173 Scuba Divers Make their Mark on Guinness History

Diving is all sorts of good stuff.

Whether you’re exploring shipwrecks and caves or doing something extraordinary, there’s a lot to experience underwater. Deep-sea proposals and weddings have already become a trend, with countless couples sealing the deal whilst being surrounded by sea creatures.

Well today, yet another wonderful event transpired in the ocean, on Elba Islands in Bologna, Italy to be exact. The area is known for majestic coral and underwater mountain formations as well as a vast array of sea creatures and marine life. Now, the place is known for one more thing: Housing the longest human chain underwater.

Yep. An incredible 173-person line was created in its warm waters, featuring all participants clad in standard diving equipment. All of them followed marked buoys and rope in the water. Once completely submerged, they all held hands for a full minute. The video has garnered floods of audience, all of which are in awe and amazement of the Italian divers’ success.

Diving agency Raid Italia led the record-breaking attempt with their spokesperson saying: “We want to do it because we want to show how wonderful is scuba diving and […] we also want to demonstrate that scuba diving is able to join all the people in the world.”

The Italian divers broke the previous record of 110 participants that were achieved in France last 2013 by Groupement des Professionnels de la Plongée in Saint Leu, Réunion, France.

We’re already on the lookout for the next record to be set. Considering the vastness of the sea, the possibilities are endless!


image source: guinnessworldrecords.com