The 3 Best Local Dive Sites in Texas

Texas isn’t always the top-of-mind when talking about diving.

Often, the colorful country is best known for its rodeos and BBQ. However, we have to say you’re genuinely missing out if you’ve never explored the great dive sites of Texas. Good thing we’ve done the dirty work and made you a list of the spots you shouldn’t miss out if you find yourself in The Land of Parr.

  1. Texas Clipper

If you’re out for some shipwrecks, then the Texas Clipper should be on top of your list. It used to be a World War II troop transport that was meant to be an attack ship headed for Iwo Jima. From there, it also became a training vessel for the Texas A&M University. Fast forward to today, the top of the ship reaches 66 feet, while the bottom rests at 134 feet.

  1. Balmorhea State Park

This area promises a unique kind of diving, far from what you usually experience in open waters. It’s home to the 47-acre San Solomon Springs, rebuilt as a concrete basin boasting of crystal clear waters that crawfish, catfish and pupfish call home. It’s got a maximum depth of 25 feet and it’s easy to reach and organize independent dive trips in.

  1. Sponge Gardens

Off the coast of South Padre Island lies the Sponge Gardens. Home to a vast and abundant stream of sponges and corals, this place attracts countless divers all year round. Just make sure you have enough experience before going here. It’s a deep dive meant for mix-gas and advanced divers only.

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