3 Up-and-Coming Diving Destinations You Need to Explore Now

Divers are explorers by heart.

That’s why it comes as no surprise for them to always be in the hunt for new oceans to explore.
There are tons of popular, breathtaking diving destinations throughout the globe. Even better news is that there are plenty more that can be uncovered. So if you’re looking to go somewhere you (or many others) have never dived before, then check these places out.

1. Mozambique (Signature Dive Site: Ponta do Ouro that houses dolphins, sharks and other large marine animals)
Mozambique isn’t exactly an unknown diving spot. However, its political climate has kept it under the radar for many years. Thankfully, dust is starting to settle and you can finally explore Africa’s best diving destination. It’s home to whale sharks, manta rays and many other marine animals and has some glorious beaches to boot. While you’re at it, be sure to feast in their tasty restaurants after a long day’s dive.

2. Oman (Signature Dive Site: Daymaniyat Islands, Oman’s first marine reserve)
Egypt’s Red Sea has attracted countless divers from all over the world. It’s a sight to behold, that’s for sure. However, just nearby lie the abundant reefs in Oman — and up-and-coming diving destination set to leave every diver in awe. You do have to be ready for more complicated transits and higher prices. It’s a place many divers have yet to explore.

3. Azores (Signature Dive Site: Princess Alice Bank that houses dolphins, barracudas and hammerhead sharks)
Azores is one place you shouldn’t miss out on should you find yourself in Portugal. It welcomes both beginner and advanced divers with its abundance of marine life. There are tons of hammerheads, dolphins and barracudas to see. Plus, the area even offers deep blue-water diving for the more adventurous.

image source: scubadiverlife.com