3 More Scuba Diving Spots You Have to Check Out in 2016

The world is brimming with countless breathtaking dive spots.

Whatever continent you’re in, you’re bound to bring with you an unforgettable memory of the deep blue sea.

Just when you thought you’ve explored it all, there are still many dive spots for you to discover. Here are some of our top picks. Don’t forget to bring your camera because just about every inch of these areas deserves a photograph.

British Columbia

Canada is home to very generous people and very generous underwater life. From colorful critters to colossal artificial and natural reefs, there’s no shortage of things to see here. If you want to see more shipwrecks, British Columbia is home to some of the world’s most scenic wrecks.


If you find yourself in the Caribbean or the Atlantic, Bonaire is a place you must include in your list. It’s the best overall diving spot on this side of the world, complete with vast marine life and paired with endless off-shore activities. Anytime you want to take a break from diving, you can always bask by the pristine shores or go for an off-road track adventure.


Indonesia is one Asia’s dreamiest destinations. From the majestic temples and beautiful beaches to the diverse cultures, you can easily pack everything and live here. Once you discover just how abundant the marine life is here, you may never want to leave. From massive fish species to nudibranchs and weird critters, you’re in for a real trip here. Don’t forget to check out Eastern Indonesia’s Raja Ampat while you’re at it.


Image source: scubadiving.com