3 Technical Diving Myths, Demystified

Technical diving is often given the rep of being too intimidating and complicated.

However, with the right set of tools and knowledge, even an average person can go on to be a skilled technical diver.
The first step to making your technical diving dreams come true is to demystify the myths surrounding it. Here are some of them.

Tec diving is just cave diving
Most inexperienced divers consider cave diving is the only kind of tec diving out there. However, there are so many options you can choose from. If you’re not into exploring caves, you can get into ice diving, mine diving, muck diving, wall diving, thousands of shipwrecks and more. Longer dives are also considered as part of tec diving. All you have to do is be knowledgeable and equipped.

You should be a thrill seeker to tec dive
This is probably one of the most popular technical diving myths that plague the sport. Many believe you should be a total adrenaline junkie or thrill seeker to be a tec diver. However, the most important thing here is safety. Despite the rush one can feel from the very thought of an intense adventure, it’s important to dive by certain rules. At the end of the day, you should be careful in planning and problem solving.

The gear is too heavy
We won’t lie to you. Steel and aluminum twinsets aren’t the lightest things in the world. There are a lot of divers carrying a lot of gear and bringing it with them underwater. Thanks to a little thing called “sidemounting”, you can finally explore the ocean without crippling yourself. Plus, rebreathers are continuously being revolutionized. There are so many modern diving gears out there that will make your experience a lot less burdensome and a lot more enjoyable.


image source: scubadiverlife.com