3 Tips for Safer Boat Diving

Many divers commit dangerous mistakes when boat diving.

Whether you’re diving from an inflatable boat or a luxurious yacht, the key is to be just as prepared as you would in any dive. In fact, it’s taken quite seriously that even PADI offers a Boat Diving Specialty Course.

Anything can go wrong when you’re boat diving. That’s why it pays to know what to bring, what to do and how to do deal with emergency situations.

Here are tips for safer boat diving you shouldn’t forget.

1. Always have someone on the boat
Sport Diver published a story about divers Ted and Renee going after a runaway boat drifting far away from the mooring. The good thing is they knew what to do. The bad thing is it could’ve been easily prevented.
Never ever leave your boat unattended. There should be at least one person left on it especially if the anchor could be easily dragged down.

2. Notify someone about your dive
Any responsible diver would let people know they’re diving somewhere, at a certain time. You should do the same thing each time you’re off to boat-dive. This way, people will be on the lookout for you should anything happen. Furthermore, help will arrive faster because they know where you are.

3. Bring ALL necessary equipment
One of the biggest mistakes amateur divers make is they think they don’t need to bring certain equipment. No matter how easy the dive sounds like, you will always have to bring what you need.

From surface signaling devices to a compass, have your necessary equipment within reach. If a dive goes horribly wrong and you’re without it, you’re in for some grave consequences.

image source: spotdiver.com