3 Tips to Improve Diving with Your GoPro HERO3

GoPro HERO3 has revolutionized the way we enjoy the outdoors.

From kayaking to base-jumping, this tiny little gear is quite the powerful travel companion. For us divers, it’s almost immaculate to have one of these underwater.

Each time we dive with our GoPro HERO3, we make sure we’re making the most of it. So if you’re struggling with shaky footages or muted colors, then listen up. Here are ways to improve your GoPro diving.

GoPro LCD Touch BacPac
This additional tool lets you see what you’re shooting. Plus, it allows you to seamlessly playback footages or photos while you’re underwater. Never again will you have to feel after resurfacing to watch jerky videos. What’s more, the BacPac attaches to your HERO3 like a perfect glove and comes with a touch screen.

Beneath the Surface Multigrip
Now that you can see what you’re doing, it’s time to use something that will keep your camera steady. There are tons of mounting tools out there but none like the Multigrip from Beneath the Surface. It makes for easy and convenient handling while you’re underwater. Plus, it even comes with a lanyard so you don’t lose your gear while diving. Plus, this durable grip allows users to add a Flex Arm for additional light.

Polar Pro filter
The deeper you go underwater, the less lively your colors will be. Of course, you wouldn’t want to playback images and videos of muted colors. You’d want to capture life under the sea the best way possible. Our favorite tools? The Polar Pro red or magenta filter. These filters revive the colors by correcting green or blue water. This balances out the spectrum beautifully. Once you’re back at shore, you’ll be delighted at how vibrant your images and videos are.

image source: bhphotovideo.com