4 Deadliest Diving Spots in the World

For some divers, calm waters aren’t enough to satisfy their hunger for the unknown.

They hunt for some of the most thrilling and dangerous locations to explore the big, deep blue sea the world over.

If you want to test yourself, we’ve lined up the deadliest diving spots in the world. Mind you, these areas have claimed countless lives so dive at your own risk.

4. Egypt’s Blue Hole, Dahab and Sinai, Egypt

This is probably the most dangerous diving spot known to man. Famous for its ‘arch’, Egypt’s Blue Hole requires divers to go through the opening in order to reach the open seas. However, some divers have been driven to their demise after descending too far deep, missing the arch altogether. Over 150 divers have died the last 15 years alone.


image source: ask-aladdin.com


3. Cenote Esqueleto, The Temple of Doom, Tulum, Mexico

It’s not called “The Temple of Doom” for nothing. This dive spot has ended so many lives because of its dark, complex tunnel ways. Everyone who explores this location is strongly advised to stay within sunlit areas. Unfortunately, some failed to heed the warning.


image source: tripadvisor.com