4 Diving Accidents that Will Make You Be More Careful Going Underwater

Diving is an exhilarating sport.

However, it does come with its own risks. Whether it’s malfunctioning equipment, a lack of experience or too much thirst for the unknown, it can lead to horrifying consequences.

Here are some of the most tragic scuba diving accidents ever recorded.

The Instructor from Hell

A couple was set to have the time of their lives learning how to dive. However, their instructor wasn’t the kindest and most patient person in the room. During one dive, the girl’s regulator was laden with sand so she pulled out her octopus but the instructor still forced her to try again with her sand-infested regulator. She ended up choking. Her boyfriend tried to help but the instructor pushed him away. The girl was again forced to use her regulator, only for the instructor to miss shoving it in her mouth and hitting her face instead. The boyfriend grabbed her and they resurfaced. The girl currently suffers from memory loss, fear of water and depression.


Christmas Gifts Gone Wrong

For avid divers, there’s nothing better than receiving diving gifts. As for a father and son who decided to test out their Christmas gifts in the Eagles Nest Sink underwater caves in Weeki Wachee, Florida, it didn’t turn out so good. They entered the cave system 11:00 Christmas morning and their bodies were retrieved 8:30 in the evening.


28 Hours at Sea

Two instructors took out five Japanese women for what supposedly was a surreal diving adventure in Balinese waters. However, things took a dark turn when bad weather came upon them and strayed them away from their boat. The divers had to stay afloat for 28 hours until they found an islet where they were rescued two days after. One Japanese woman died and an instructor got lost at sea during the ordeal.


Death by Boat Propeller

We’re always told to stay within the diving zone and be aware of our surroundings. Two divers off the coast of Thailand did just that but sadly, met their deaths in a disturbing way. A speedboat hit the two men, sending one sinking below the surface and the other, cut in half by the propeller.


Image source: ranker.com