4 Myths About Diving, Debunked

Like every other sport in the world, diving is also shrouded in countless myths.

It’s because of these hear-says that others won’t even dare try it. However, the fact is diving is one, if not the most fantastic adventure you can ever find yourself in.

So in the spirit of driving you to the nearest quarry or ocean, here are famous diving myths debunked.

“I have to buy a lot of gear to learn”

Many are intimidated by diving because they think it’s an expensive hobby to begin with. However, all you need for starters is a mask, a snorkel and fins. Everything else, you can rent in the shop.

“Sharks might eat me”

The risk of people getting attacked by their dog is higher than by a shark. Think of it this way: When a shark sees this creature who moves differently and flashes a light in front of it, its instinct is to tail off and run. So it’s as afraid as you are, perhaps even more.

“I’m not a very good swimmer”

Diving has gotten people addicted to it, from eight to eighty years old. Sure, it’s a big bonus to be a strong and competitive swimmer in diving. However, this sport doesn’t require you to be the finest one underwater. All your instructor has to know is that you have basic water skills and you’re not afraid to submerge your face underwater.

“My ears will hurt”

Many sworn they’re never going to dive again because their ears end up hurting. This is true only if you don’t equalize before you hit the waters. Pull off what we call the Valsalva maneuver: Pinch your nose and gently blow against your nostrils until you hear a pop. Now go out there and explore the deep blue sea!

image source: scubadiving.com