4 Reasons Saba is a Diving Mecca

There are a lot of places scuba divers deem paradise.

In fact, Mother Nature has gifted us with such abundant beauty underwater that all we want to do is to continuously cross spots off our list.

No doubt there are tons of them but the Island of Saba is arguably one of the most breathtaking dive sites in the world. Here are our reasons why.

  1. It’s heavily protected by laws

The government of the islands takes the beauty of the sea very seriously. Saba is protected by no-take laws for nearly three decades now, as well as 36 moorings are in full care, ensuring that every living creature in the waters thrive joyfully.

  1. It’s incredibly crystal clear

Sure, there are tons of dive sites where you can switch from soaking the sun to exploring the reefs. However, this usually messes with the waters’ clarity. In Saba, there are no beaches, no high-rises and no overly populated places that cause pollution underwater. You’re left with nothing but crystal clear waters for your diving pleasure.

  1. It boasts of big marine life

Thanks to the laws and the very natural habitats of the living creatures, there’s massive marine life in Saba. It boasts of a wide variety of shark species, as well as large groupers and stingrays inhabiting the area. Surely, it’s always going to be a good day to dive on this side of the world.

  1. It’s pure visual pleasure

Diving in Saba is like seeing just about every form of underwater beauty there is, untouched and unbothered. From macro life to marine life as well as endless lively reefs and mesmerizing abyss, there isn’t a shortage of things to see here.

Itching for another dive now?


Image source: sportdiver.com