4 Reasons to Be Thankful for Being a Diver

95% of our waters remain a mystery.

This makes diving an experience unlike any other. Divers are fortunate enough to explore that 5% and discover something new each time they go 100 feet (or more) deeper.

Once in a while, it’s good to pause and reflect how life would be like without diving. If you’re feeling like counting your blessings, here are reasons to be thankful for being a diver.

You experience what it is to fly

That wonderful feeling of weightlessness is what makes diving comparable to flying. It’s like we are our own astronauts under the sea, establishing our buoyancy and being one with the marine life around us.

You discover jaw-dropping creatures

From sea turtles to massive whale sharks, diving gives us a window to experience the life aquatic. It reveals to us just how big of a world we have and just how many living creatures are out there. When you dive long enough, you’d realize how sensational it is to stumble upon these majestic creatures and have all these memories to take home with you.

You get to travel the world

Traveling is a luxury. Everyone on this planet would trade in his or her lives for a chance to be somewhere else, discovering something new. Diving gives us that luxury and not too many people have that. From historical shipwrecks to underwater paradise, this sport welcomes us to endless adventures.

You have an important life skill

Your training as a diver gives you the opportunity to survive and save lives. You are equipped with the right knowledge in the event of an emergency. Plus, you have a shot at saving the marine life. It’s truly a life skill that can change lives!

image source: padi.com