4 Simple Scuba Diving Safety Tips for Boaters

Many boaters just don’t use their boats for cruising. They also use it to explore the deep blue sea. Who wouldn’t? Diving is one of the most exhilarating experiences there is—but it does come with risks and challenges.

Here are some simple scuba diving safety tips every boater should remember.

Be with a pro

It would be a big mistake if everyone on board is an amateur. Be with a professional boater and diver because safety should always come first. This applies whether or not you own and operate the boat.

Have a diver down flag

A diver down flag is characterized by its red color a white strip that runs diagonally from end to end. It tells fellow boaters that there is a diver underwater and boats must keep a minimum distance that’s mandated by the law.

Bring a “safety sausage”

When you’re boating and diving in busy waters, there’s a higher chance that boats may not notice you. Ensure you have something to be visible with like a “safety sausage”. It’s an inflatable orange wand that’s about four or five feet in length. Once you’re on the surface, hold it up so other boaters won’t bump into you. Plus, it makes you more recognizable to your own boat.

Always check the weather

Divers have lost their lives simply because they didn’t check the day’s weather. Prevent this from happening by being on top of it. Check the news prior and on the day of the dive itself. While you’re at it, have emergency contact numbers ready should you need rescue.

image source: boatingmag.com