4 Simple Tips to Improve Your Mask Seal

Movember comes only once a month.

Diving on the other hand, should be enjoyed all year ‘round. For moustache divers, improving one’s mask seal can greatly improve the entire diving experience as well. No one wants their masks flooded by water whilst discovering the magnificent marine life, right?

So if you want to make the most of your time underwater, consider following these tips.

Trim and thin it

We understand it can be incredibly difficult to get rid of the stache all together. We do encourage you to thin out and trim a bit of your facial hair to get your mask to a snug-fit. It improves your diving. Plus, it doesn’t sacrifice your personal style.

Use the right mask seal

The typical silicone grease comes in a lip balm form. Apply some on the mask’s skirt that touches tour moustache. Experiment on how much you should put until you get it just right and prevent those annoying leaks. Just don’t use petroleum-based chemicals like Vaseline. It’s going to break down the silicone skirt of your mask, shortening its lifespan.

Consider a full-face mask

A full-face mask is the best kind to produce positive pressure and prevent leaks. If you have a massive moustache and an equally massive bank account, you can even get the mask with communication gear and be able to talk underwater. Sounds like the perfect first date plan to us!

Invest on a high quality mask

Diving should always be safe and enjoyable. Investing on a high quality mask ensures the finest experience underwater. Brands and prices vary greatly but some of the best in the market are by Atom Aquatics, IST, Scuba Pro and Seac USA.


image source: padi.com