4 Tips to Reduce Dive Anxiety

For many beginner divers, panic is a looming concern.

Sure, it’s all exciting and thrilling. However, some start to feel the anxiety kick in as soon as they go underwater.

The good news is there are ways to reduce dive anxiety. Don’t let it ruin your experience by following these tips.

Learn the basics

From proper breathing to mask clearing, there are certain basic rules to ensuring a safe dive. As an amateur, you need to be comfortable to do these practices first before going underwater. So spend enough time learning the basics. This way, you gradually develop your confidence.

Try it in a controlled environment first

Not everyone is ready to dive right away in open waters. In fact, many experienced divers today went through training in a controlled environment. So go for an indoor pool first. Test if this is exactly what you want to do in open seas.

Work with an expert

Diving is both taught and learned. Every diver you witness breaking records has all gone through rigorous training. This includes fighting off anxiety and becoming completely one with the waters. Working with an expert opens your eyes to things you will never learn on your own. Plus, these experts can all impart knowledge on how you can prevent panics once you’re underwater.

Always dive within your limits

Panic sets in because of the fear of the unknown. That’s why we continuously tell beginner divers they need to dive within their limits. Once they choose to push it too far, they could end up feeling they’ve made the wrong decision. The next few seconds may already mean life and death.

image source: leisurepro.com