5 Deadly Shark Attacks Caught on Video

Shark attacks in the US aren’t as common and deadly as you might think.

According to the International Shark Attack File at the Florida Museum of Natural History, the US sees about 23-30 shark attacks each year of which zero or one is fatal.

However, there are the unlucky ones who end up with serious injuries. Here are some of the most horrific shark attacks caught on tape.

Erich Ritter

Erich was filming with his team for Discovery’s “Shark Week” when the unthinkable happened. His legs were submerged in shallow waters as they filmed the sharks surrounding them. All of a sudden, a bull shark saw his leg as lunch and began to chomp away. Good thing his crew was there to save him.

Two Tourists

Cage diving became a recently popular trend among shark seekers. For a couple of tourists however, what was an attraction quickly turned into a nightmare after a shark bolted right into the cage. The two narrowly escape a harrowing death.

Heather Boswell

Then 19-year old Heather was enjoying the Chilean waters with her friends. Just as she was basking in the deep blue seas, she saw a dorsal fin coming towards her from behind. A 14-foot Great White bit her leg and she began to wrestle with the shark. She ultimately lost her leg because of it but is more than happy to be left alive.