6 of The World’s Best Snorkeling Spots You Should Visit

The escape towards an open ocean is far too enticing to resist.

However, for some of us, deep sea diving can be overwhelming. Thankfully, there is snorkeling that welcomes us to a whole new world of underwater exploration.

If you’re an avid snorkeler, then these spots should be on top of your list.

  1. Norman Reef, Australia

No questions asked, the Great Barrier Reef is the world’s most beautiful place to snorkel. The Norman Reef is likely the best part of the GBR because the marine life here is beyond abundant.

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  1. Seychelles Island

Just off the coast of Kenya lie coral reefs rich in marine life. Make the most of the trip by hiring a boat and a guide to lead you the best snorkeling spots around.

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  1. Safaga, Egypt

Once you’re done exploring the Great Pyramids in Luxor, head over to Safaga and have the underwater thrill of your life. It’s the least crowded place in the Red Sea to go snorkel, and the rewards are immense.

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  1. Bonaire

Bonaire is not given the attention it deserves. Sure there are a ton of Caribbean islands to explore but definitely include this on your list if you want the ultimate tropical fish viewing.

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  1. San Blas

San Blas is made up of over 360 islands. In between, the seas are crystal clear, they almost look like a mirror. Snorkeling here is at its finest, you’ll feel your jaw drop every minute.

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  1. Fiji Islands

Whether you’re a first time or seasoned snorkeler, you can never go wrong with Fiji Islands. From species of fish to marine life growing on reefs, it’s one of the world’s best spots. Plus, you could get the chance to go on a night snorkeling trip.

image source: escapehere.com