6 Reasons Why Scuba Diving is the Most Magical Experience Ever

Scuba diving is arguably the most surreal adventure anyone can experience.

Your entire surroundings change once you’re deep underwater—and Instagram just isn’t enough to show the beauty around you.

Thinking of getting into it? Here are more reasons why scuba diving is the most magical experience ever!

  1. You learn a different kind of history lesson

From Schicheng, China to Crete, Greece, underwater cities give you a glimpse of history you’ll never see above the surface. It’s the kind of history lesson you never learned back in school.

  1. You’ll see yourself in extraordinary light

Forget about looking at yourself in the mirror. Find yourself underwater and you’ll sure to see yourself in a far more different and interesting light!

  1. You’ll experience color like you never did before

To say that what lies beneath is colorful is an understatement. From the corrals to the fish and other marine life, try not to gasp for air once you’re in awe.

  1. You’ll know why weird is beautiful

The deep blue sea is home to the most peculiar sets of species you’ll ever discover. They’ve always said weird is beautiful. Maybe this time, you’ll finally understand that.

  1. You can be in two continents at the same time

The Silfa fissure is a deep-water crack that stands between the Eurasian and North American continents. If you thought you could never be in two places at once, think again.

  1. You’ll make new friends

When you’re underwater, there’s more than enough turtles, dolphins, sharks, whales and others you can befriend—and that’s the kind of friendship not everyone is privileged to have!

image source: pulptastic.com