A Diver Came Face to Face with a 20-Foot Anaconda, What Happens Next is Unbelievable!

Snakes are among the deadliest species in the planet.

With countless kinds roaming the rest of the world (save for Antarctica), it does get a little rattling to be around murky waters and vast forests. Plus, films like “Anaconda” and “Snakes on a Plane” don’t really give us much of an assurance.

However for Swiss diver Franco Banfi, snakes are his passion—and for him, the bigger the better.

The father of two went to the Mato Grosso region of Brazil, which was notorious for being the natural habitat of anacondas. He definitely got what he came for after the 53-year old joined the 20-footer beasts armed with just a camera.

Luckily for the daredevil photographer, the anaconda had just eaten a capybara rodent. “As the snake had just eaten it didn’t take much interest in us. Everything is possible but I don’t think it would have eaten us. I was very close, I could have touched it if I wanted to,” Banfi explains.