A Diver’s Guide to Giving Back to the Ocean

The ocean is filled with otherworldly beauty, more than half of which we haven’t discovered yet.

From the wondrous sea creatures to the colorful marine life, it’s almost impossible to think that we are fortunate enough to be blessed by such majestic underwater splendor.

Sadly, our oceans continue to suffer no thanks to multitudes of man-made efforts. As responsible divers and lovers of the sea, we must do everything we can to give back. Here’s how you can get started.

Educate yourself

Knowledge truly is power. Learning as much as you can about the oceans and everything that affects it will help you become a better steward in preserving its natural beauty. Read online, talk to experts, watch documentaries and so forth. From here, you can make informed decisions and inspire others to do the same.

Take only photographs

We are but a speck of dust in this world. The most we can do is respect every other thing that we co-exist in this planet, particularly those that live under the sea. Take nothing but photographs and be mindful of the marine life.

Reduce your plastic use

PADI reports that there “are currently about 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic in the ocean, with 8 million pieces being contributed yearly.” We must do our part by drastically reducing our plastic use. From bringing reusable grocery bags to shifting to paper, there are more than enough ways you can help.

Be conscious of what you eat

The documentary, Racing Extinction perfectly encapsulated the current situation of sharks and manta rays, which are prevalent victims of wasteful killing. Bluefish tuna is getting closer to extinction. Being mindful of what you eat helps sustain these sea creatures. After all, they to, deserve a better life than what humans are putting them through.


image source: padi.com