A Glimpse of Brazil’s Heart-Racing Underwater Life

Mother Nature has gifted us with bountiful underwater beauty.

Wherever you may be in the world, there’s always some place filled with mesmerizing sea creatures and breathtaking marine life. For photographer and diver Brandon Cole, the place for the most insane underwater photos is Brazil.

“Brazil is full of monsters. In the mighty Amazon, the vast spiderweb of writhing rivers and impenetrable bogs live giant snakes, vicious piranhas, prehistoric reptiles, mysterious shapeshifters and other fearsome creatures. For intrepid divers, it’s the modern equivalent of the first Western explorers’ grand adventures. Twenty years into my career as a marine photographer, it was high time to try something new: fresh water. Where better than Brazil? My chance for an epic journey of discovery,” Cole explains.


For one, the people of Brazil are no strangers to giant snakes. In fact, the local word for anaconda is Sucuri and can grow as long as 25 feet. “The snake is almost four times as long as I am tall. Its slick chestnut scales glisten with an iridescent sheen, shifting from metallic blue to green to yellow. Beautiful. A forked tongue flicks like a bolt of purple lightning. Sinister,” Cole recalls.

Beyond gigantic snakes, Brazil is best known for its large freshwater fish called Arapaima. That’s just one of over 60 fish species found in the country. There’s also a wide array of shifty-eyed reptiles that’s enough to raise every hair on your body.

However, in viciousness comes beauty. Brazil is rich with diverse wildlife, marine life and picturesque bodies of water. If we’re given the chance, we’re definitely going to give this place a go. Now, it’s time to brush up on our underwater photography skills.


Image source: scubadiving.com