A Simple Guide to Your Diving Must-Haves

Diving is an experience unlike any other.

It lets you witness a whole new world and be one with the majestic marine life Mother Nature has gifted us with.

Now that you’ve recently acquired your certification, you’re one step closer to discovering more of the deep blue sea. All you have to do now is invest on your very own diving gear.

However, it can be challenging to choose which equipment to buy first. Here’s a simple guide to help you out.


Yes, there are lots of wetsuits available for rent. However, the hygiene factor comes into play here. You will need your very own now that you’ll be diving more often. Shops do rinse and clean out rented wetsuits but the thought of strangers wearing them increases the “ick” factor too.

Dive computer

A dive computer is a must if you want to come out of your dive alive. We highly recommend you buy one for yourself for good reasons. First, it’s not always available for rent. Second, these dive computers come in different types. When you are faced with a rented, unfamiliar one, it can put your life in danger. Another is that dive computers are increasingly becoming a requirement.


Like dive computers, a BCD can also come in all forms and styles. The D-rings and pockets can all be located differently. The weight system could also function differently from one type to the next. Owning one makes your dive a lot more efficient, enjoyable and safer.

Regulator setup

This isn’t exactly the gear you should buy right away. Most regulators are a one-size-fits-all. However if you do have a particularly small mouth, you may want to invest one for yourself.

image source: scubadiverlife.com