Asia’s Top 4 Diving Sites, Revealed!

If you’re a diver who hasn’t visited Asia yet, then clearly you’re missing out.

This continent is home to the world’s richest ocean biodiversity. This means just about anything and everything underwater, you can see on this side of the globe.

Booking a trip now? Here are Asia’s best top diving sites.

4. Thailand – Koh Bida Nok, Phi Phi Islands
This island is among the top five in the country. It’s home to endless coral-covered walls and to various leopard sharks, banded sea snakes, squid, pipefish, seahorses, and nudibranch. Plus, it’s a protected marine park. So you can expect to see marine life at its most preserved and cared for.

3. Indonesia – Cannibal Rock, Komodo
Indonesia is Asia’s pride when it comes to hosting infinite marine life. Throughout the country are dotted islands brimming with various sea creatures on the surface and underwater. Cannibal Rock is one, if not the most beautiful of them all. What welcomes you is a sea of mesmerizing plankton, a coral mountain is home to the endemic yellow-ribbon sweetlips and numerous fish species.

2. Philippines – Coconut Point, Dumaguete
Thanks to the mighty current braving this part of the country, “washing machine” takes a whole new meaning. Here, countless certified divers have seen the wondrous schools of jacks, large-eyed trevallies, and snappers. Don’t worry though. There’s a massive rock formation that breaks the current. You can be sure it’s 100% safe to dive right in.

1. India – Aravind’s Wall, Pondicherry
Drift diving is increasingly becoming a trend, and for good reason. If you ever find yourself in India, head over to Aravind’s Wall. There’s a plethora of whale sharks and manta rays, spotted rays, sea snakes, grouper, and bannerfish waiting to be discovered.


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