Be a Better Diver in 4 Steps

As your passion for diving grows, you quickly learn it’s a highly technical sport.

You need to master a handful of techniques and know certain things to be truly good at it. If you’re the kind who wants to take diving beyond recreation, here are essential steps to be a better diver.

  1. Live by a certain etiquette

Most of the time, diving is a group activity. This means you’re more likely to spend your diving days with a handful of people. So as early as now, start living by a certain etiquette. From minding the people around you as you plunge from a boat to tipping the crew and captain, learn the less-spoken rules of the sport.

  1. Master certain skills

There are certain specific kills you need to master as early as possible. For one, buoyancy control can mean all the difference when you’re underwater. One of the goals is to be neutrally buoyant at 15-foot safety stop. You should also learn to be patient and add air in small increments. Deploying a safety sausage is another skill you need to learn. It’s an essential technique that could save you in dire situations.

  1. . Learn to take care of yourself

Your dive buddy or the rest of the team won’t always be a few feet away from you underwater. There will come a time that you’ll be enjoying the marvels of deep-sea beauty in considerable distance. So it’s best to start learning how to take responsibility for yourself. One is to take a rescue source. It will teach you invaluable in-water skills and rescue techniques should you find yourself in trouble or if you need to help someone else.

Dive as much as you can

To be the best diver you can be, you need to dive as much as possible. Invest enough time and money on courses and equipment. This is one, if not the most effective means to be really good at what you do.

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