Best Scuba Gear for Traveling Divers

The best thing about diving is traveling.

You get to visit various places around the globe and experience marine life differently. If we can, we’d definitely trade everything else for a full life exploring the world’s seas.

For every seasoned traveling diver, it’s essential to have the right gear with you. With a little help from Sport Diver, here’s what you should have in your diving arsenal.


Underwater Kinetics UKPro POV 20/30 Waterproof Case

Equipped with a customizable double foam insert and made of rugged, noncorroding ABS, the Kinetics UKPro Waterproof Case will safeguard all your tiny, water-resistant essentials in the deep blue sea. It even comes with an attachment strap with a carabiner.

Suunto D6i Novo

Wireless air integration, 3-D compass, three-gas switching, and five operating modes — you name it, the Novo has it. It’s every diver’s dream arm accessory that makes every dive, even more comprehensive.

Scubapro Novalight 720R

If it’s a trusty light you need, it’s a trusty light you get with this bad boy. It’s less than six inches long but it packs 720-plus lumens of light, boasts of two power levels and an overpressure release valve. Oh, and did we mention it’s easy to use with a simple twist-on switch?

Cressi Ultralight BC

This is what we liked to call the diving bag of the future. It comes with a hideaway pocket, anatomical shoulder straps, an ergonomic inflator and Cressi’s streamlined integrated- weight system. It’s even got a soft backplate to keep you comfortable underwater. Plus it weighs less than 5 pounds!

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