Brave Diver Captures Something Magical 400ft Deep in Mexican Jungle

Bravery is measured in different ways.

As for diver/photographer, Troy Iloski, it’s diving deep into a sinkhole to capture something astounding — 400 feet deep to be exact.

The American daredevil went to the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico, which is believed to be an ancient sacrificial Mayan site filled with animal and human bones. Just the very thought of going deep into the dark waters is raising every hair on our body. Now, an ancient Mayan sinkhole filled with bones, it’s got us in cold sweat.

“I think the ancient Mayans use this giant hole for sacrifice or burial,” Troy said. Travelling with local tour guides, Antonio Molina Piquard, Anna Nicolaus and Bernardo Miranda, the ominous pit was a sight to behold.

Troy further describes the sinkhole and made sure to take photos that are indeed, breathtaking. “The pit is an amazing sinkhole inside the deep jungle, an upstream branch of the Sistema Dos Ojos in Mexico. The amazing sun rays penetrated 100ft into the depths and crash into a cloud of hydrogen sulfate — it was spectacular.”

“Under the white cloud we found an animal skeleton, a human jaw with four molars and the remains of what seemed to be an old fire place with small burnt bones. In the middle of the sinkhole there was a pile of rocks, ceramics, animals and human bones.”

An estimated 6,000 cenotes (naturally formed sinkholes made of limestone) are recorded in Mexico. However, less than half have been explored. These cenotes were a source of fresh water for the ancient Mayans.

How about you? Would you ever be this daring? We’d probably sit this one out.

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