Canada’s 3 Most Scenic Dive Sites

Canada is home to countless breathtaking attractions all year round.

Whether you’re a thrill seeker, a culture vulture or an avid diver, there’s enough to keep you busy.

If you want to explore the vast underwater life on this side of the world, then you’re in luck. Below are the best of Canada’s dive sites.

  1. Barkley Sound, British Columbia

barkley canada

This dive site is known for everything big underwater. From gigantic sharks to massive octopus and starfish, it’s a complete repertoire of sea creatures larger than life. In fact, Jacques Cousteau calls it the second best place to dive in the globe. A good place to start is Renate Reef’s where large wolf eels come out and play.


  1. Kingston, Ontario

kingstone canada

For us, the sight of shipwrecks never gets old. There’s something about seeing these ships preserved or starting to merge with the natural underwater life. If there’s one shipwreck site you should visit in Canada, take a trip to Kingston. The wrecks here are found much deeper and are well preserved, thanks to the non-existence of wood-eating critters. For starters, the infamous car ferry Wolfe Islander II, is a sight to behold.


  1. Tobermory, Ontario

tobermory canada

Ontario is one, if not the best spot to dive in the country. Another site you shouldn’t miss here is Tobermory, where the clearness of the water can easily rival the Caribbean. Compared to the two dive sites above, this one is a lot more challenging. It’s a lot deeper and boasts of unpredictable currents. That’s why you must have enough certification and experience before coming here.

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