Canada’s Hot Scuba Spots You Shouldn’t Miss

Canada is undoubtedly one of the world’s most breathtaking places.

Whether you’re in for a hike, a bike ride or a dive, there are plenty of options that won’t make you want to go back home.

As for us avid deep sea divers, this place is a haven for underwater adventures. Here are even more of Canada’s hottest scuba spots you shouldn’t miss.

Bell Island

If you can’t get enough of shipwrecks, then Bell Island has to be your best bet for the finest experience out there. From torpedoed U-boats to WWII freighters, there are a lot to see and be in awe of.

Race Rocks Marine Reserve

Taking a trip to the southern most tip of Vancouver will surely be worth it once you’re in Race Rocks. If you intend to go shallow, armies of sea urchins and juvenile rockfishes await you. Go a little bit deeper and you’ll be amazed by the picturesque pink soft corals, hydrocorals and the extensive array of sea creatures meandering. You’ll know you’re in the area once you see the infamous black and white lighthouse.

Renate’s Reef

If you find yourself headed towards the west end of Vancouver Island, don’t forget to stop by Renate’s Reef for a majestic sight of yellow clumps of calcareous staghorn bryozoan that makes it look like a tropical coral reef. There’s no shortage of things to see here. From wandering wolf eels to fish-eating and white-spotted anemones, get your underwater camera ready. Oh and did we mention this reef is packed with all kinds of rockfish? With a single dive, you can easily spot china, black, blue, yellowtail, tiger, copper, quillback, vermilion, canary as well as yelloweye rockfish.

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