Couple Made it A-Fish-Sell with Underwater Wedding

Weddings are becoming more unconventional nowadays.

To some couples, the traditional church ceremonies just won’t cut it. Some would go as far as having a wet wedding.

We’re talking about pairs who have tied the knot underwater, with the brides not caring for their soaked dresses. There’s a lot of them out there but our favorite couple has to be Justin and Crystal Reynolds.

The two met at.. wait for it.. Plenty of Fish and has been swimming together ever since. Among the things they have in common, diving is right on top of the list. “Diving is something we really love doing together,” Crystal said. “There isn’t anything better than exploring the great unknown with the one you love.”

While engage and on a holiday, the two visited the Georgia Aquarium. It took little time for the pair to realize this was the perfect spot to say their “I do’s”.

“We were surprised when they said yes,” she said. “They truly made our dream wedding a reality. The staff made the planning and wedding itself extra special.”

To give you the lowdown, the aquarium had 6.3 million gallons of water, and is filled with whale sharks, manta rays, and other marine life. After a ton of logistics, it became the aquarium’s very first underwater wedding — and nothing short of a spectacle.

From wearing their wedding clothes under a wetsuit to plenty of fishy and human onlookers enjoying the view, it was indeed a wedding for the books.

“We can’t believe how smooth it all went,” she said. “When you are around that amount of marine life, deep under water, on your wedding day, you just expect everything that could possibly happen. The dive team made us feel so relaxed before we took our big dive into marriage.”

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