Creepy Underwater Cave Kills Anyone Who Enters

Vacations are supposed to be breathtaking and unforgettable.

Whether you’re lounging by the pristine beaches of the Bahamas or climbing your way towards Cristo Redentor, trips are meant to bring back tall tales at home.

However, not all vacations end well. We’re not just talking about getting injured or spraining a leg. Some tourists have lost their lives in the process of exploring the great unknown.

One example of such tragedy is in Croatia. It’s easily one of the hottest spots for every type of traveler. Whether you want to discover its underwater beauty of party with your fellow beachgoers, it’s truly one enjoyable place.

Sadly, a Croatian national and a German tourist lost their lives exploring the infamous Poganica Underwater Cave in Poganica Bay off the coast of Solta. They were just like any other diver, eager to see what lies behind a harmless-looking cave, hoping to come back home with beautiful photos to boast about.

Little did these amateur divers know that the Poganica Cave is one sinister cave. It welcomes you with a narrow, friendly-looking opening. However, it goes well over 115 deep and later leads divers into a maze of labyrinths. We wouldn’t even dare imagining their final moments in this treacherous hole.

The tragedy happened back in July 2015 and it took the most skilled divers in the land to retrieve their bodies a month after.

This wasn’t the first time the creepy underwater cave claimed lives. Over the past 20 years, there were four reported deaths. They say one diver committed suicide by stabbing himself in the chest instead of facing the inevitable drowning.

Known as Hranická Propast, the cave is near the town of Hranice in the Czech Republic. he deepest (officially recorded) underwater cave is Italy’s Pozzo del Merro, which was measured at 1,286 feet (392 meters).

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