Debunking Top Technical Diving Myths

Technical diving harbors rewards unlike any other.

However, it often gets a bad rep for being too complicated or deadly.

The fact is technical diving can be accomplished by divers everywhere. All it takes is the right blend of knowledge, willingness to learn and debunking the following myths that have longed plagued the sport.

  1. “The gear’s too heavy”

One of the most common myths that surround technical diving is the “heavy gear” that comes with it. Sure, some divers use steel twinsets but your options aren’t that limited. First and foremost, you can put on your gear and take them off once you’re underwater. The trick is to start relying on sidemounts, which have recently made the lives of technical divers easier and safer. Plus, rebreathers are getting lighter and smaller these days. You may want to explore what the market has in store for you.

  1. “It’s just cave diving”

Cave diving is technical diving. However, the sport isn’t just for exploring deep-sea caves. In fact, there are so many other ways to experience technical diving. There’s ice diving, mine diving, muck diving, wall diving and exploring endless shipwrecks. Just be sure to equip yourself with proper training and always, with a crew or dive buddy.

  1. “Danger must be the name of the game”

Technical diving can be dangerous but that doesn’t mean technical divers are addicted to danger. They calculate the risks very carefully each time before they dive. Moreover, they make sure they come out of it unscathed Remember that no dive is worth more than your life. So if you cannot reduce the risk of a dive to an acceptable level, then don’t dive at all.


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