The mere sight of sharks instills fear.

But not to Ocean Ramsey. In fact, she is doing everything she can to raise awareness of shark conservation.

Ocean Ramsey is a professional free diver, model, scuba diver instructor and owner of a marine research and conservation company. Aside from that, she is a marine biologist. She studies shark behavior, which is why she can have close encounters with the sharks.

For her, swimming with great white sharks is nothing new. However, to the public, it is an extreme stunt. That’s why when a video of her swimming alongside a great white shark while holding onto its fin went viral, she was suddenly thrust into the limelight.

She used her new found popularity as a platform to change the perception that great white sharks are dangerous.

She explains: “Sharks don’t have many people speaking up for them. I’m lucky to have spent my life studying and interacting with them. Because of my specific field of study I am able to look at the body language of sharks, and get that close interaction we need to understand them.”

Ocean Ramsey has 13,000+ followers on Facebook, 3,645 followers on twitter and 129,000+ followers on Instagram. She believes the beautiful images of her swimming with the sharks, as well as her passion for marine conservation, has been the reason for the huge social media following.

She adds: “It is my hope and personal observation that the number of people who care about marine conservation is growing. It’s refreshing to see how many people are jumping on board and taking interest and an active role in daily conservation and larger organised projects.”