Diver Lost at Sea Films What He Thought Would Be His Final Hours

Every now and then, we come across breathtaking diving stories that remind us how incredible this hobby is.

However, there are days when we hear about hair-raising stories that make us want to hold on to that line a little tighter.

Take for example Jacob Child’s story. He was a recent subject of air and sea rescue for over six hours after being left on the waters off the coast of Bundaberg, Queensland.

“Basically, we went out for a fun dive, five of us and the boat captain,” he recalled. “I was probably the first one into the water, so I was fighting the current and the swell for about 15 minutes more than everybody else.”

“I shouted to the skipper who’d seen me, who threw the line out, but it was too late,” Childs said.

The 30-year old who has been diving for many years was in the water at the Althea Wreck when he was separated from his crew and left to drift at midday.

In an attempt to be rescued, he listened to a nearby fishing trawler. “I spent the last hour, maybe, trying to figure out what his pattern was and his directions, watching on the compass. I think I would have got in on his next circle down near me, but who knows,” he said.

Believing that he was spending his last few hours on Earth, Childs made chilling statements he recorded with his dive camera.

“So that’s it. The sun goes down they won’t do nothing. That’s a wrap on old Jakey,” he said in the video.

About 5:30PM, Childs was miraculously spotted by an airplane hovering above the area where he was. Soon, rescue boats arrived to the scene.

“I got on the boat and I just wanted water and a cup of tea, which apparently is the memorable thing that went over the marine radio. They asked if I needed an ambulance, the marine rescue, and the police boat replied back, ‘No ambulance required, only a cup of tea,” Childs explained.

“They were surprised as well that I was so calm and relaxed and in good spirits about the whole thing.”

The most interesting part? Childs was back at it the very next day. Whew!