Divers Discover Something Disturbing Underwater off Grand Cayman

Diver Scott Prodahl and his team were going about their underwater explorations off the Grand Cayman Island when suddenly, something caught their eye.

What appeared to be an anchor was straddling its way across a coral reef—one that took centuries to grow.

The damage was caught on tape and has caused outrage from every corner. “As you will see in the video, a massive portion of the reef out front from Don Fosters and Eden Rock was completely destroyed today,” Prodahl captioned.

He further claims that Spanish cruise ship Pullmantur Zenith owned by American Royal Caribbean Cruises was given permission to anchor their ship. Upon reporting the tragedy, authorities said they could no longer do anything about it since it isn’t illegal. Furthermore, the area was unprotected and was designated for anchorage by the government.

“As part of the marine park, we are not allowed to fish here, not allowed to hunt lobsters, you can’t even pick up an empty shell, all in the name of conservation?….but for some reason you can drop an anchor and wipe out a reef that took thousands of years to grow,” Prodahl explains in frustration.