Divers Get a Sweet Surprise Off the Coast of Argentina

Diving into the ocean is like entering another world.

You are suddenly surrounded by marine life others only dream about exploring. Sea creatures in all shapes, sizes and forms greet you. Some are quite shocking and scary; others, pleasant and playful.

Take for example Julián Bala. He and his diving buddies decided to explore the waters off the coast of Argentina. Just when they thought they were about to be attacked by a sea creature, they realized they were in for some major sea cuteness.

A baby seal pops up to the surface and quickly joins the gang for some fun. The aquatic acrobat was quick to show its affection to everyone around it, even giving Bala a big smooch.

Of course, the cuteness didn’t stop there. The baby seal even gave the camera big kiss and got its fellow seal buddies to hang out with the divers. Watching the footage was definitely a joy to watch. It was certainly lighthearted, one that we could definitely use amidst all the other shark attack videos we’ve been seeing too much.

The video was posted on Ocean Reality’s Facebook page and has gathered over six million views. Who wouldn’t adore these little critters? They’re like the puppies of the sea!

Baby seals are famously known for the loving and affectionate nature. They manage to build an instant connection with humans, as if they have known each other for years. Countless encounters have shown just how adorable these sea puppies are.

If this footage won’t make your hearts melt, we don’t know what will!