Diving in Missouri: Bonne Terre Mine

Amateur divers often think that they have to go far for a fruitful dive.

However, United State is home to many beautiful diving areas. One that’s received recent popularity is Missouri, in a place called Bonne Terre Mine.

The former mine first opened its doors in 1860 and was one of the first deep-earth lead mines. It was the largest producer of lead ore on the planet at one point before closing its doors in 1962. The great news is it’s been transformed to a world-class diving Mecca.

Just to give you an idea, the Bonne Terre Mine stretches over 17 miles and filled with over one billion gallons of water. This makes it the largest freshwater scuba diving venue.

Fondly called the Billion Dollar Lake Resort, Bonne Terre Mine gives you access to diving towards the center of the Earth. With over 100 feet of visibility, the diving attraction has “Sights [that] include: mammoth architecture, guaranteed year round diving conditions. Cal falls, oar carts, scaffolding, grating, staircases, pillars, slurry pipes, the famed elevator shaft, and much more.” Just recently, USA Today named the dive site America’s Best Underwater Attraction. Plus, it’s also been named one of the top 10 adventures in America by National Geographic Adventure.

Another big bonus is that since the dive site is mostly man-made, it’s under a controlled environment. It’s well lit with 500,000 watts of lighting and boasts of many Instagram-worthy snaps. Plus, the water is at a constant 58 degrees. You can forget about bringing dive lights. The natural beauty inside of this magnificent attraction is momentous enough.

So the next time you plan your diving trip, remember you don’t have to go too far. Bonne Terre Mine will not disappoint.


Image source: onlyinyourstate.com