“One Last Dive” is Every Scuba Diver’s Nightmare

Scuba diving isn’t exactly for the faint of heart — particularly when you do it at the dead of the night with not much light in sight.

Those with a hyperactive imagination could think of many reasons why the open waters can make the hairs on their back stand on end.

This is exactly what VICE and The Conjuring toyed with when they came up with The 3:07 AM Project. They gathered four filmmakers, each coming up with a one-minute short film about the devil’s hour that’s enough to give us a cardiac arrest.

Nacho Vigalondo dips his toes into that twist-in-the-end with This One, For the Lady. Max Landis’s The Séance fast-paced and unforgiving thriller was also a good contender. Ti West’s The Box was equally entertaining.

However, our favorite has got to be Canadian director Jason Eisener. Needless to say, he had every diver’s nightmare come to life when he came up with One Last Dive. Among the four films, this has got to be our favorite. In a minute, he had a story, was able to build up suspense and had us pulling off a summersault in our seats. Plus, of course, it revolves around scuba diving.

The film has garnered over six million views (and counting) on YouTube. No thanks to Eisener, it’s going to be extra challenging for us not to overthink our night diving from here on out.

As for those who are thinking about going into diving for the first time, we don’t exactly recommend watching this film! Nevertheless, such a brilliant piece of diving horror!