Is A New Dive Computer Worth It?

Diving wasn’t always as high-tech as it is today.

In fact, back in the old days, divers needed three things to keep them safe: A manometer, to show how much air you have left; a depth gauge, to show your current and maximum depth; and a timer, to tell you how long you’ve been underwater. All these were analogue instruments back then.

Just like everything else in this world, diving evolved — along with the equipment that goes with it. First came the dive console then the dive computers.

Now with brands like Petrel and Suunto changing the game, we ask: Are new dive computers worth the investment?

Larger screens
Perhaps we can attribute this to our liking of bigger smartphones, or not. Dive computers nowadays feature a much larger screen. These square-screen computers feature temperature, current gas mix, available gas mixes, time-to-surface as well as the basics. It also comes with better lighting for improved visibility and intuitive interfaces.

Personalized interface
Dive computers today are now more flexible. They are anchored to providing a personalized experience that will help divers feel more at ease and confident in themselves. Highly customizable interfaces are becoming a selling point in today’s dive computers. You can now personalize what you want to see on your screen.

Different safety stop
Dive computers need to enhance your safety. They’re there to let you know if you’re going too deep or if you have enough air left. Scuba Diver Life explains the different take newer dive computers are doing on stops: “When using one of these computers, you’ll probably find yourself being told do many more stops, at varying depths. You may never do three minutes at 15 feet, but may instead do one minute at 65 feet, two minutes at 20, and one minute at 10 feet, based on your depth profile, time and any calculated nitrogen load from previous dives.” This could really come in handy.

So is it time for you to make an upgrade? Maybe but not necessarily. What you have right now is serving you just as well. If you do have the extra, a flashier computer won’t hurt either, right?


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