Kuwaiti Woman Sets World Shark Dive Record

Despite modern times, women are continuously challenged by double standards and stigmas.

Thankfully, more are standing up for women empowerment and gender equality like Kuwaiti diver Reem Aleidan.
She and fellow pro diver Mubarak Abuhaimad attempted to set a world record for the longest shark dive by a female and male. Much to their efforts, the two came out successful. Aleidan finished off with 5 hours while Abuhaimad with 7 hours and 49 minutes.

The pair pulled it off in the warm waters of the Bahamas just last month. “The calm peaceful waters of Nassau, Bahamas provided the perfect setting for the event, as I had originally planned to break this record in Egypt. However, working with my friend and Team Leader Alharith Alateeqi, we moved the venue to the Bahamas, specifically, to his friend, Stuart Cove and his location in Nassau. The warm waters of the Bahamas are close to the USA, and served the event well,” said Aleidan in a release.

Aleidan and Abuhaimad regarded the experience as a “thriller”. They would have pushed themselves more to beat another record for the longest endurance dive (72 hours for males; 58 hours for females”. Sadly, they had issues with their equipment.

“A diver’s suit is a very personal, unique piece of equipment,” Abuhaimad said. “Every diver needs to have time to get used to the suit they are going to be using during their dive attempt. In this case, the divers didn’t have that time but based on their skill sets we are confident that once we get all the kinks worked out we can travel back to the Bahamas and attempt that record again.”

The two may not have set a new record for the longest endurance dive. However, they did complete their primary goal: raising awareness of women’s rights and strengthen the image of women in the Middle East.

“They all know now. I went from coaching her to diving with her and now together we have done something amazing in hopes of improving the lives of so many others. She is a spectacular woman and I am happy that she asked me to do this with her,” he said.


image source: sportdiver.com