How to Make the Most of Your Dive Computer

One of the most important diving gear you can ever own is a dive computer.

There are so many available in the market, each varying from one kind to the next. That’s why it’s critical to invest on one that will serve you well.

What does a dive computer do?

There are different ways a dive computer can help ensure an efficient, comfortable and safe dive. Here’s what it can do:

  • Track decompression status
  • Provide time/depth recordings
  • Show ascent rate indicators
  • Offer further advantage with air integration

Things to keep in mind

A dive computer is only as good as the diver using it. This means you have to be well aware of what you’re buying and using. Dive computers vary immensely. So keep these tips in mind to make the most of yours.

  1. Remember your personal limitations

A dive computer may inspire you to dive further. Sure, those readings are quite interesting; challenging to a certain extent. However, never go pass your personal limitation because you’re only putting yourself in danger.

Consider the computer readings as an insight as to whether you’re pushing too far too soon.

  1. Learn the models

Knowledge is power, particularly when choosing the right computer dive. It will take considerable amount of experience to learn the various models but it will make all the difference.

Consult an expert or do your research. Other variations may be anchored to initial dives more than repetitive dives. Gather enough information so you can choose the best one for you.

  1. Don’t forget to turn it on

This may sound superficial at first but plenty of experienced divers forget to turn on their dive computers. You can’t possibly record a previous dive or assess a decompression status if it’s not switched on right?

Remember: Not all dive computers are created equal. Choose one that will serve you best for a long period of time.

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