Meet the Honeymoon Killer Accused of Murdering Wife Underwater

Murders are often shrouded in mystery.

The only ones who really know the true story are the victim and the murderer. Hollywood has played on this concept for years, coming up with films that never fail to raise the hairs on our skin.

However, when art imitates life, it’s a completely different story.

The case of David Gabriel “Gabe” Watson has caused a worldwide media frenzy after he was accused of killing his wife during a diving excursion in the Great Barrier Reef. It was October 22, 2003 and he and his then-wife, 26-year old Tina had been married for just 11 days.

Gabe has been diving for quite some time while Tina only got her certification only two days before their wedding. Upon diving to explore the SS Yongola ruins, Tina fell to the ocean floor and died within two minutes at the beginning of the dive.

Witnesses who were diving nearby the couple claimed that they saw Gabe give his “flailing wife” a “bear hug” and turning off her regulator. He then headed to the surface as his wife fell to her death.

He was tried in an Australian court and was acquitted for manslaughter. He served 18 months in prison before being deported back to Alabama. He was then tried in American court but the judge dismissed the case, pertaining to a “lack of evidence”.

He said in an interview with ABC: “It definitely wasn’t my finest hour…I (had) just been accused of murder… I was still dealing with the death of Tina. I wasn’t thinking clearly on everything that I did.”

“I pled guilty to… basically not rendering the proper aid, not saving my dive buddy.”

Gabe has since remarried but controversy continues to surround the story. What’s even crazier was security cameras caught him vandalizing Tina’s gravesite on more than one occasion.

So, guilty or not guilty?


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