Home in Singapore Boasts of Underwater Entertainment Room

Plenty of us aspire to be someone.

Whether it’s the next tech honcho or the one who finds a cure for AIDS, we all vie to be the best, most successful person around.

As for us, all we can ever dream about is to be Stephen Fisher.

Stephen Fisher who?

A finance tycoon who moved from Australia to Singapore, Mr. Fisher built himself what could be the showstopper to beat all showstopper homes!

Eco-friendly to the next level

His three-bedroom, three-bathroom house is a visual feast. It’s built purely with metal, wood and glass. The entire residence is built with floor-to-ceiling glass windows that give him the perfect view of the ocean. Plus, it comes with an open space and open-air design, which provides a sense of infinite motion and perspective.

Its lush greenery and surroundings are perfectly manicured, it makes stepping into a house dream-like. Oh and let’s not forget the 10-feet salt-water pool, which is integrated with the open space planning. At any time his guests feel like jumping in the pool anywhere within the interior and exterior of the house, they can go right in.

Just when we thought we could finally catch our breath, the crowning glory of this house lies underneath. Stephen Fisher truly made something out of his private tropical paradise when he decided to have an underwater entertainment room.

The room, which can easily house 30-40 guests, feels like you’re in a fish tank. The floor-to-ceiling glass windows are made of plastic, which holds over half a million pounds of water. Plus, you get to see everyone swimming in the pool. It really does take people watching to a whole new level!

The entire cost for the pool alone? Over a million dollars. Just imagine how much the rest of the house costs.

Stephen Fisher does know how to set himself apart from the other fish in the sea!