Moment A Great White Shark Sneaks Up On Diver

Diving opens up a whole new world filled with just about every breathtaking sight and creatures you can think of.

However, it doesn’t come without its risks. We’ve been diving for a while now and to this day, one of our biggest fears is being attacked by a shark.

We’ve seen it in movies. We’ve seen it on the news. That’s why when charter captain and diver Grayson Shepard encountered a Great White and lived to tell the tale, we can’t even imagine what he went through.

In a video posted on YouTube, Shepard explains: “This was my third and final dive of the day on a man-made structure in 93′ feet of water approximately 22 miles due south of St. Vincent Island. The shark enters the camera’s field of view at 3:48 and a moment later catches my eye. I instantly recognized it as great white and you can faintly hear me say “Oh my God.”

Shepard has had plenty of encounters with sharks and even some Goliath grouper but nothing comes close to this. “I’ve always felt like I was at the top of the food chain out here,” Shepard recalled. “The great white changed all of that and I realized I’m No. 2 on the food chain now when I go diving.”

Lucky for him, the Great White turned away and didn’t feel like doing anything else. “He was docile, not aggressive at all,” Shepard said. “But it’s like your worst nightmare. I felt totally helpless. It was like it saw me before I saw it. That spooked me.”

We’re just happy both the shark and Shepard came out of the ordeal in one piece. What an experience!