Oil Rig is Transformed Into A Diver’s Dream Come True

Oil rigs aren’t the most appealing things in the ocean.

However, you may want to reconsider your opinion when it comes to one an abandoned oil rig off the Malaysian coast near Mabul Island.

Instead of leaving it to rot, Seaventures saw the potential of turning the oil rig into a diver’s haven. It’s now officially called Seaventures Dive Rig Resort and has been welcoming diving enthusiasts ever since.

The old rig now boasts of 25 fully furnished rooms, a movie room, a karaoke lounge and bar, pool tables, table tennis, a souvenir shop and a conference room. The unique oasis even has Wi-Fi for when guests want to share Instagram-worthy moments.

Steve Dobson, who listed the resort in the site, GoUnusual.com says: “This giant exploration jack-up rig was once commissioned for oil and gas exploration. Now at the end of its commercial life, rather than being scrapped and turned into baked bean tins, it’s been converted into the Seaventures Dive Rig.

“Unique in the world, the rig offers PADI five star IDC courses and is a fantastic base to learn to dive, gain additional qualifications and enjoy the underwater environment.

Indeed, diving is the heart and soul of the Seaventures Dive Rig Resort. The area showcases fantastic species like arracuda, groupers, cuttlefish, turtles, giant morays, ribbon eels, frog fish, scorpion fish, crocodile flatheads, lion fish, nudibranchs and ghost pipe fish.

Accommodations start at a cool $200. At its rate, it’s definitely a priceless experience we highly recommend.

images source: dailymail.co.uk