Is ORB Helmet The Future of Diving?

Diving id undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable experiences in the world.

There’s something satisfying, at times strangely spiritual about being underwater and exploring the unknown. However, the only thing that could make this adventure even more beautiful is to finally have that tank off our backs.

What if we tell you we’re only a few steps closer to diving tankless? That’s right. Thomas Winship, a 3rd Year student at Staffordshire University in the UK has invented a scuba diving helmet meant to “condense the necessary scuba diving equipment into one self-contained helmet”.

Winship describes his helmet, saying: “ORB Scuba Diving Helmet is made up of several layers of pressure resting materials to stop ears becoming pressurized. The outer shell and most of the extremities are made of abs plastic with a matt finish. Equipped with Bluetooth technology, this product is designed to allow others to communicate and socialize while underwater, sharing information about their environment.”

Made of several pressure resisting materials and ABS plastic, ORB helmet makes use of rebreathing technology — an apparatus that absorbs the carbon dioxide from exhaled breath for the substantial amount of unused oxygen to be rebreathed by the diver. Oh and did we mention no more ear popping once this helmet comes to life? Plus, it dawns LED lights for optimum visibility.

Everything’s still up in the air right now. However, it gives all divers the hope of making their experience even more mind blowing. Plus, it’s bound to make diving even more attractive to those who’ve never tried it.

For now, we’re still going to enjoy the water world like we always do.

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