Four Cayman Island Pioneers Inducted to the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame

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The Cayman Islands is a world-class dive destination.

It has claimed 365 dive sites, which offer some of the best diving experience in the Caribbean. Behind its success are pioneers who have given so much to make these islands the world’s finest.

Recently, four honorees were inducted into the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame. Wallace Rivers, Steve Broadbelt, Gerald “Gerry” Wilcocks and Anthony Scott will be honored during the annual dinner and gala on September 30.

Anthony Scott
Anthony Scott
Wallace Rivers
Wallace Rivers

“This year’s group of local honorees have provided a significant contribution to the local dive and water sports industry in the Cayman Islands,” Tourism Minister Moses Kirkconnell said in a press release.

“The significance of being selected in 2016 means so much more because these leaders were chosen by members of the public. I believe this shows the true significance of their impact on the dive community as a whole.”

Steve Broadbelt
Steve Broadbelt

Divers from other countries who will also be inducted into the Hall of Fame are the late Ramon Bravo, an underwater filmmaker from Mexico; Joe MacInnis of Canada, the first person to explore the ocean beneath the North Pole; famed U.S. Navy diver and “dean of saturation divers” Bob Barth; French underwater documentary maker, the late Philippe Cousteau Sr., son of Jacques Cousteau; Stuart Cove

Gerry Wilcocks
Gerry Wilcocks

of the U.S., who helps educate the public about sharks in the Bahamas; and early dive equipment pioneers from Japan, Watanabe Riichi, Ohgushi Kanezo and Kataoka Kyuhachi.


The induction further highlights the efforts of certain people who have taken the sport of diving, along with its advocacies, to a whole new level. It’s also given the Ministry of Tourism better opportunities to create a positive impact on the diving industry in the Cayman Islands.



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