Possibly First Time Caught on Film: Killer Whales Take Down Tiger Shark

Killer Whales are apex predators.

They have no natural predators and they hunt in groups. In the video below, you’ll exactly see why they are sometimes called the wolves of the sea.

Off Chatham Bay, Costa Rica, Caroline Power and Nick Bach filmed a group of Killer Whales. They were in very close proximity with the predators, even swimming with them at one point.

As they were heading back with their boat, they spotted the Killer Whales again. However, now, they were in pursuit of a lone Tiger Shark.

The Killer Whales worked together to hunt the Tiger Shark. They repeatedly swam around and below the shark, trapping it against the surface.

Nick, Caroline and their friends were safe aboard the boat as the predators slowly cornered their prey. But they were still able to film everything as one of them submerged the camera in the water.

With nowhere to go, the Tiger Shark swam towards the boat. It attacked the boat’s side as it was looking for shelter. The camera was forced back up as it nearly hit it.

The divers look from the safety of the boat as the Killer Whales closed in. When the camera submerged back, the shark is in the whale’s mouth. The shark’s fin was bit off by the whales.

This may be the first time someone filmed Killer Whales hunting a Tiger Shark on the open sea.