Scuba Diver Gets Sucked Into Pipe, What Happens Next is Unbelievable

Christopher Le Cun and his friend were diving for lobster off the coast of Hutchinson Island when the unthinkable happened.

The two approached three dark structures underwater, which they thought were buildings. All of a sudden, Le Cun felt a sudden change of current and was sucked into a pipe like a wet noodle.

“We were looking for lobster when we came across a big structure,” Le Cun, a Navy told InsideEdition. “Then WHOA,” he said. “Within a blink of an eye I’m in a washing machine, tumbling and trying to check my air, hold onto my regulator.”

The 30-year old, who has been diving since he was 12, took a terrifying ride through the St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant’s intake pipe. The entire ordeal lasted five minutes, with Le Cun believing that the inevitable would happen.

He feared the worst, believing that he would be chopped to bits once he reached the end of the pipe. He even considered pulling his regulator and ending his own life. “But then I though, I got a family. You’re gonna have to kill me.  I’m thinking about my wife, who was pregnant with our third child at the time,” he explained.